Buildings provide space to work, live, learn, produce, sell, have fun, etc. Depending on the building’s use, the users have different requirements for heating, cooling, air conditioning and lighting. SAUTER’s intelligent building automation ensures an optimum indoor climate depending on the respective use. A comfortable building climate positively affects the well-being and productivity of users.

Building automation links the existing systems and optimises their interaction for maximum energy efficiency. It automatically determines (for example, using presence detectors and sensors) the actual requirement for heating, cooling, fresh air, light and shade in the rooms and provides the energy in the right amount, at the right time, and in the right location. This type of needs-based building automation system prevents energy waste and results in a noticeable and worthwhile reduction in operating costs with swift repayment.

Suitable for every building

The needs-led control strategy in accordance with the European standard EN 15232 can be applied to every building, irrespective of the location, use, age, exterior, etc. It also makes the building capable of larger or smaller conversions and is easily adapted to changing requirements. Using the audit methodology that SAUTER applies, the eu.bac system, you can tap into the potential for optimisation and save on energy costs. Continuous recording and tracking of the operating states reduces operating costs over the entire life cycle of the building.

Contributes to preserving your investment

SAUTER’s building automation is always modular and flexible. Upgrading is made easy by migration capability and backward compatibility to pre-existing systems, enabling sustainable renovations and smooth modernisation of your buildings. And all of this without interrupting operation, in coexistence with current systems or while integrating new systems. We ensure your systems operate reliably and thereby contribute to preserving your investment.

Automation using the latest technology

BACnet ibms7The open communication standard BACnet (building automation control network) forms the backbone of our building automation system. It is the interface with which our controllers and automation stations communicate.

Modular components

Modular components complete SAUTER’s building automation for integrated solutions; field buses and interfaces enable specialist applications.