An icon of the automobile age —going back to the early days of the Model A competing with horse drawn carriages on unpaved roads, and now a modern, non-profit, membershipbased organization offering insurance, roadside assistance, and tourism-related services— and with offices throughout the Western United States selected Facility Worksite to manage work order maintenance requests.

This Automobile Club first started using Facility Worksite in 2006 to streamline day-today management of their widely dispersed facilities, which are spread over 31 locations in 7 states. They were seeking an improved way to systematically manage their preventive maintenance programs, as well as the variety of daily, on-demand task requests. Facility Worksite offered to unify their procedures, standardize data collection, and reporting, and increase visibility of the maintenance needs within the organization. Influencing their decision was the affordability, flexibility, simplicity, and personal approach to customer service offered by Facility Worksite.


Because this Automobile Club needed to use a single software platform across 31 sites, they came with diverse needs.

At the time, the organization was using several different methods for capturing work order requests for maintenance, on-demand tasks, and security. Moreover, they had been using a combination of manual in-house processes like Excel spreadsheets, paper-based notes, and different software packages across their various sites. There were problems keeping track, keeping everyone informed, and documenting task requests and fulfillments.

The challenge was to architect a solution that would cover their diverse needs for all locations, and provide a documentation trail that could be shared and accessed by any team member. Solid documentation would lead to a more uniform system of accountability.


Due to the variety of systems in place, the installation of Facility Worksite took approximately one month from start to finish.
In some cases, the platform fit perfectly with their existing processes. In others, the Facility Worksite team had to create a mixture of customizations within the platform and alter the existing client processes.

Facility Worksite rolled out the new system to the entire staff by using a Service Center, a simple online form to capture maintenance requests from office staff, eliminating the need for phone-based requests. This increased their ability to track and document tasks, and kept their staff informed of all current maintenance activities. Requests, accomplishments, and unfinished tasks are summarized at the end of the day, helping establish the work schedule for the next day. Facility Worksite’s flexibility allowed for customization of the system for the unique needs of the club’s security department and facility maintenance teams while still allowing all team members access and use of the Worksite.
Training was performed both in-person as well as remotely and on-demand. The focus of training was to create client experts who would act in the role of Tier-1 support, answering questions and supporting their colleagues.


The Club’s staff became self-sufficient and effective users of Facility Worksite. They have successfully created a culture where all employees know how to use Facility Worksite to submit requests and/or fulfill them. Despite a relatively small maintenance staff, the Club manages several hundred maintenance-related work orders per month. They rarely need direct support.

Client satisfaction is high. “They like having the system there because it makes their jobs a lot easier,” said Karl Dischinger, Facility Worksite Manager at BuildingIQ. “They process a lot of work orders through the Worksite, but I think it is the personal relationship they, perhaps, value the most.
They know they can quickly get in touch with someone who will be responsive to them. We have good back and forth communications and problem solving.”
Work orders processed throughout the Club’s network for the year 2016 totaled 6,543, and cumulative work orders processed over the lifetime of the contract (since 2006) with Facility Worksite total 51,269.

Figure 1 shows monthly variation in work orders processed during 2016. They range from a low of 430/month to a high of 667/month.

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