Managing the day-to-day, physical requirements of hundreds of buildings in different locations, while relying upon a small army of outside contractors, is tricky business. It requires exacting coordination, consistency, accountability, and speed. After all, business tenants will complain if a faltering air conditioning unit disrupts an important meeting. Plumbing leaks in an outpatient medical unit need to be fixed immediately to prevent the risk of infection in patients. Flickering or failing lights in a small manufacturing facility need attention before they hinder production.

This was the situation Wellington Management, Inc. found itself in during 2007 when they asked the Facility Worksite team to deploy its work management system. Wellington is a property management company that oversees a broad portfolio of buildings in 103 separate locations throughout the greater Twin City, MN area. Tenant comfort and operational efficiency are paramount. The working environment of occupants ranges from corporate offices and educational facilities, to light industrial, and outpatient health care. Ownership of these properties is held in 54 different limited liability companies.

Wellington needed a single, well-tested, straightforward, easy-to-install, and easy-to-access system to manage the day-to-day maintenance and on-demand physical tasks for their clients. A system that would work seamlessly while calling upon a network of reliable, independent contractors to do the work.


In 2007 — when Wellington first engaged with the Facility Worksite team to demonstrate the platform’s capabilities— they were still using email and spreadsheets for work order tracking.
This proved difficult for communication and collaboration between Wellington headquarters and its clients. And it severely limited the capability of Wellington to leverage its facilities-based resources.

Furthermore, since their business model relied upon independent contractors to handle service requests, Wellington was having a difficult time coordinating tasks and getting prompt feedback on task fulfillment. Tracking and documentation were inconsistent. A major challenge was the sheer volume of requests and keeping track of all the moving parts in an operation that demands immediate, day-to-day, hour-to-hour service.


The overriding objective of installing Facility Worksite was to improve Wellington’s response to their clients’ needs, and by extension, improving the welfare of the occupants of their buildings. This required efficient, consistent handling of a large volume of tasks coming from a wide variety of users.
In aggregate, Wellington Management was dealing with roughly 800 separate work orders per month.

Facility Worksite was implemented and adjusted to meet the Wellington’s processes within a period of a week —including orientation and training— enabling them to standardize procedures and create a common platform that all employees and contractors could use.

Making Wellington Management an effective user of Facility Worksite required some initial training based on their internal support processes, as well as getting their thirdparty contract vendors on board and illustrating the benefits of participating as users in the platform.


Wellington’s unique setup caused some initial performance slowdowns that were overcome with upgrades to the Facility Worksite infrastructure; now all clients benefit from improved performance. Overall, Wellington is quite satisfied with the capabilities offered by Facility Worksite.

They help propel its success by using a single point contact, a person who functions as a full time dispatcher, matching an incoming task to an experienced and available contractor. The task is then tracked and documented, as well as the vendor responsible and the outcome. Importantly, access is easy, and input is simple and fast —a distinct advantage of the Facility Worksite solution.

By using Facility Worksite, Wellington is now able to effectively dispatch, triage, assign, and track work orders across 1500 different
vendors, working at more than one hundred facility locations. Wellington maximizes the use of Facility Worksite to make their subscription very cost effective while ensuring reliable and effective communication with their clients
and vendors.

After 10 years, Facility Worksite has become an integral part of Wellington’s property management offering. In turn, Wellington has become one of the most knowledgeable and prolific Facility Worksite clients. Some of Wellington’s clients and vendors have purchased their own versions of Facility Worksite after using the platform through Wellington.

Figure 1 shows the monthly work orders processed by the Facility Worksite for Wellington in 2016. Total work orders for 2016 was 9,698; and the cumulative total of work orders processed since 2007 when Wellington first began using the Facility Worksite is 103,570.

” BuildingIQ’s balance of ease of use and
sophisticated features makes this work order management system
perfect for our use.”

David P. Bergstrom, COO

Wellington Management, Inc.

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