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ATP’s Locomotive Workshop

The Steam Locomotive Workshop sits at the heart of the Australian Technology Park (ATP) near downtown Sydney. It is a 24,000 square meter (258,333 square feet) heritage building that visually and emotionally links innovation in the early industrial era with today’s cutting edge. It is where Australia’s first steam locomotives were manufactured in the 19th [...]

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Building Energy Intelligence – Art Museum

A world-class art museum, that exhibits art from around the world to over 2 million visitors annually, invited BuildingIQ and one of its trusted global partners in energy efficiency, to provide a comprehensive solution to the museum’s inefficient HVAC system. This premium art museum facility had in recent years gone through a major renovation and [...]

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Measurement and Verification Functionality of the BuildingIQ System

Executive Summary Continued investment in energy efficiency requires that the delivered savings from energy efficiency projects be accurately measured and the results verified. Moreover, the methodology and processes used for measurement and verification (M&V) themselves must be made clear, transparent, and robust. This analytical rigor is at the heart of BuildingIQ’s cloud-based software, which consistently [...]

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BuildingIQ Security

Executive Summary The security of customer BMS and IT systems is of the utmost importance to BuildingIQ, and our products and policies reflect that. BuildingIQ stays abreast of and uses the best practices as they emerge from the IT security community whose sole focus is on quickly dealing with current threats and anticipating future ones. [...]

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BuildingIQ’s Meter Processing Flow

1.0 Executive Summary Meter data collection from buildings is highly variable in terms of source, format, and quality. BuildingIQ is able to receive, load, and process any data stream, whether from third-party vendors, through file transfer, or through email. Even manual loading of data is acceptable. The raw data—the data of record— is retained and [...]

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Managing Maximum Demand Through Optimization

1.0 Executive Summary A simulation example is presented in this paper, which demonstrates how BuildingIQ’s platform can be used to optimize energy consumption in a building, while simultaneously managing the maximum demand conditions preset by policy or regulation. A stiff fine is generally imposed on building owners for exceeding maximum demand. (In the USA, regulation [...]

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Managed Services— The Future in Building Automation

Executive Summary BuildingIQ’s business model is evolving to include offering a package of Managed Services that further leverages its core strength in heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) system optimization. Managed Services will ensure that a building’s operations would be overseen 24/7 by a highly trained and skilled operations team, responsible for ensuring the HVAC system [...]

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Energy Efficiency Ratings – Benchmarks that Drive Excellence in Building Design and Operations

Abstract Various rating systems for green buildings—LEED, Energy Star, NABERS, and Green Star—are expanding in scope, depth, and precision, and have been established in more than 100 countries. The rating systems bring meaning and professional integrity to energy-efficient design and operation for buildings, as well as products and appliances. The rating systems afford easy comparison [...]

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Partner Spotlight: TECDATA

Ali Javan, Founder & Managing Director, TECDATA January 21, 2019 This month we shine the spotlight on our partners at TECDATA. We got in touch with Ali Javan, founder and managing director, to learn more about his company and the great work they do to help their clients in the Middle East to meet their [...]

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