BuildingIQ Security

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Executive Summary The security of customer BMS and IT systems is of the utmost importance to BuildingIQ, and our products and policies reflect that. BuildingIQ stays abreast of and uses the best practices as they [...]

BuildingIQ’s Meter Processing Flow

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1.0 Executive Summary Meter data collection from buildings is highly variable in terms of source, format, and quality. BuildingIQ is able to receive, load, and process any data stream, whether from third-party vendors, through file [...]

Managing Maximum Demand Through Optimization

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1.0 Executive Summary A simulation example is presented in this paper, which demonstrates how BuildingIQ’s platform can be used to optimize energy consumption in a building, while simultaneously managing the maximum demand conditions preset by [...]

We are delighted to announce that our Company “PBO Technical Services LLC (Known also as PBOTech)” created a brand called TECDATA. Please refer below for our new brand/logo

The new brand name will better reflect the updated vision and growth strategy for the Company going forward.

The Company has built its reputation over a multitude of different Projects for over more than 10 years. The Company’s brand name and ambition may be different, but our echoes for service delivery and industry leading expertize remains.

With the leadership & expertise of the Managing Director/Managing Partners, and with the continual support of all the employees, the Company will continue to deliver improvised services and products to our Clients to achieve maximum Client satisfaction.

As a result, our email address shall change to the domain@TECDATA.ae and our home page shall become www.TECDATA.ae

The Trade License number 663393 with the Department of Economic Development, Dubai remains unchanged.

Your continued cooperation and support is highly appreciated.

TECDATA Management